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“And to be honest, I’d rather use my time to develop more products and improve the tech than mess around trying to get good at the marketing side. So I think it’s best to let someone that actually knows what they’re doing like you handle it.”That’s a direct quote from a current client.Just like most of my clients, he came to me at the middle of a big roadblock. He'd found some traction and had a few good years......But his business was no longer growing and he didn't know why.He realized that unless he wanted to become a full-time marketer, he needed to get someone he could trust to get his product and sell it properly.So we started working together.Fast forward to today, and working with me led to him launching multiple other products - many of them my idea - and growing a massive amount.It's safe to say, he's happy with how that turned out.

Business owners trust me and say things like...

“Over the last year and a half, Will wrote Facebook ads, lift notes, advertorials, and bullets to help me on several different projects. He’s a hungry, professional, and personable copywriter who’s not afraid of feedback and seemingly improves with every attempt.”-Matt Rizvi (Rizvi Publishing)Not only an incredible, high integrity copywriter but has a much more impressive skill...An ability to SEE your business better than you see it yourself - and to strategize how to scale it in an authentic way.Extremely rare.-Pat Stedman (The Dynamic Man)As a small business owner who thinks he’s way more helpful than everyone else in his niche put together, my biggest challenge is to communicate what sets me apart from all the other idiots out there (though I’m sure they’re very nice people). Will is the guy to help you do this. He reflects back to you what your business is and how you appear to others, which doesn’t always feel good, but it’s absolutely essential if you want your business to connect with and so help more people.-Mark Derian (Animus Empire)“Will was incredibly easy to work with. From the personalized outreach he sent me to his intuitive understanding of what my company does to how quickly he handled edits, it was an easy process and my agency is the better for it.”-Steve Piper (Leadhub)We’re on a good track though and I appreciate the writing that you’re doing. The guys keep commenting to me about how much they get out of the emails.Thank you, thank you, thank you!-Sarrah Rose (CEO on Fire)“I hired Will after having a bad experience with a previous writer. I always hope I can just hire someone and they “get it”. William was able to write thoughtful and persuasive email copy for me. He “got it”. He was able to take my project and run with it with very little instruction from me and produced great results.”-Spencer Haws (FBA Master)A good coach will help you look past the day to day struggles to keep you focused on long term results.The day to day struggles do need to be discussed, but you do not sacrifice the long term on them.Coach will help with both.Will is a great option to speed up progress.-Dustin Newman (Original Oil)“Will is extremely knowledgeable about cryptocurrency and blockchain and did a great job of meeting deadlines that fit into our overall project development.”-Davide Carmeci (BeyondSkills)“We needed conversion copywriting work done for a couple email nurture campaigns. Will worked with our tight deadlines, and nailed the voice and tone we were looking for.”-Pei En Thong (Instant Financial)“Will was incredibly easy to work with. On top of being personable on the phone, he had a fast response time and incorporated all the feedback I gave him until the work had the exact feel I was aiming for.”-Lea Hermanns (POHA House)“Thank you very much, Will. Great job!”
–Tee Dos Santos (SocialWay Creative)

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As the de facto CMO of several businesses, it's been my job to reinvent the way they market their products.This doesn't just mean coming up with cute words and burning ad dollars.Instead, we do real research on your market...Get on the phone with past customers and potential leads...And test lots of ideas.While nothing in life has a guarantee, I can say with 99.99% confidence that if you listen to people's problems and deliver a product that solves them...You will do well.So let's get on the phone and see where you're at, how your current products are doing, and what ideas could serve you and your customers even better.

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